How to Use Daily Bell Ringers

You should use Daily Bell Ringers in a way that suits you and your students best! Below are some personal tips and guides to get you started.

  1. I strongly suggest beginning as soon as the bell rings. Hold off on taking attendance until later (or better yet, have a T.A. or student do it) because any lull will lose the momentum.

  2. Daily Bell Ringers should not have external motivations. This means I do not suggest prizes for knowing the answers nor consequences for not participating. Simply set the expectation that this is how class begins and playfully encourage everyone to join in. It shouldn’t be too hard, I promise!

  3. Some bell ringers have the possibility of taking more than 2-3 minutes depending on the category. I’ve found it is better to skip some slides and leave them wanting more rather than go on too long.

  4. Go through each slide beforehand to make sure everything is working (and so you know the answers). Please check out the FAQs or contact me if you are experiencing issues with a bell ringer!

  5. Finally, have fun and enjoy! It is a blast making these for you and your students!


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